Caravan to Florence, OR on the 2018 Coast Run

We are a group of vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts based in Eugene, Oregon.

We gather every Monday at 7 p.m. at the Hop Valley Tasting Room, 990 W. 1st. Ave, Eugene

Join us!  We have no dues or other membership requirements other than a love of old V-dubs (bugs, ghias, square/notchbacks, buses, vanagons, etc).  We go camping frequently, participate in parades and festivals, and have a hella good time.

Descend Update: Meetup for the grande parade to Descend is on thursday 28 August between 9:30-10:00AM at Lee’s Hwy 58 Market. Hwy 58 on the right about 1/4 mile from the I-5 exit. There is no gas at the market, so please be filled up when you get there.

Route of travel is Hwy 58 to Hwy 97 at Crescent (via the Crescent Cutoff Rd) where we will gas up at the Shell Station and then we Descend.

Distances: Meetup to Crescent, OR: 85 miles. Crescent to Descend: 41 miles